How Can I Save Money on My Web Site Work?

If you want to save money on online promotion efforts and reduce dependence on your web developer, there are a number of ways to do this!

For starters, I recommend that you ask your web developer for his or her opinion about any request for improvements or changes. Your web developer has experience and expertise that will benefit you and possibly save you money.

Tom Stier

Tom Stier

I’m always surprised how sometimes folks just place an order, as though they are visiting a restaurant and know what they want, rather than thinking of this more as a visit to a doctor’s office or a mechanic, where you are asking for recommendations, opinions, and advice.

Web developers tend to be immersed in the web. We see what is effective in a constantly changing online landscape, and yet we are sometimes treated as someone with an opinion that is as just as valid as a clients’ friends or family.

Another way to save money, is to concentrate less on the appearance of your site, and instead focus on function and purpose. I am often being asked to change a color or nudge an image a pixel here or there. These changes cost money and usually do not increase traffic or sales.

Regularly check your analytics. You can check your own analytics to see what is working best for you. Analytics are essential for measuring progress on any site. Google Analytics is free to use and easy to install on a WordPress site. Try a new logo and see if it attracts more business. Post something different and track the responses yourself. Your web developer can do this for you, and make recommendations, or you can learn to do this yourself.

Another way to reduce dependence on your web developer is to know your website software as well as you can. This requires some diligence, research, and practice. That’s what you’re paying us for – but you can learn it yourself. The two main open source website software’s that we work with have massive documentation available.

By understanding your website software, you can save money by posting articles and topics yourself, and also sharing links on your social media channels, once you’ve figured out which ones work for you by tracking your analytics.

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