Post it on your site, then share it

Here is a simple rule to follow when trying to establish a best routine when posting information about your business online.

Post it on your site, then share it.

We frequently tell our customers, “It’s great that you are posting to your Facebook Page, but why don’t you first write the information on your own site!”

If you have a WordPress or any Dashboard enabled site, all you have to do is log-in there first and create a Post about what is happening with your business or services.

Make sure you add a photo, sharing services can pick up the image to display it as a thumbnail.

You can use the sharing buttons we add to all the sites we build to then send the Post to Facebook or Twitter, or for more control, we recommend just copying and pasting the page link on your Timeline.

It’s also a good idea to add some teaser text before the page address. This helps your viewer decide if they want to go to all the trouble of actually following the link!


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