I Can’t Add an Image to my WordPress Post

Sometimes, folks try to upload digital camera original images to their WordPress Dashboard using the Add Media button.

However, If you try to upload very large image files to your website, the upload will take forever or  it might even run into a size limits that will stop it dead.

Add MediaIn order to avoid this problem, the images need to be re-sized and optimized before you upload them.

A maximum image width of 1000px is fine for most websites. The WordPress Dashboard will automatically create a medium and thumbnail image from this for you!

Photoshop has a neat feature called “Save for Web” that makes it possible to save the images at a smaller width and height, while still seeing visually how well the quality of the original image is retained.

But, you don’t really need something as heavy duty as Photoshop to do simple image resizing. Windows, Mac and other operating systems usually come with simple image editing programs. If not, there are many shareware programs that help with this.

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