Social Media and Your Website

Some folks with their own domain and website are more active at Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest than they are on their own site.

What are the reasons for this?

Social posting tends to be shorter faster thoughts, with less composition involved.

Cute kitty!

Sometimes it’s just a picture. Cute kitty!

The interactivity factor – knowing that your friends will see what you are sharing, and possibly comment on, is an exciting proposition.

However, when faced with the prospect of doing the same kind of thing on their own domain, their own website, they might feel daunted.

One common complaint I hear is “I’m not a writer.”

In fact, I actually hear this from people who have published!

I believe that the average person may be writing even more than they did years ago, due to the explosion in blogging and then social media.  And, what’s tucked away in your email folders?

I am also seeing development in ways to merge the social interactivity element between social media sites and

The instant feedback is coming.

For business websites this also presents opportunities.

Business owners view what appears on their product or service website as a more formal endeavor than just posting a photo with a short caption.

A ‘hard sell’ element can creep into their message.

Hard sell definitely does not work in social media.

What does work is friendly, non-political (or political if you want to define yourself that way) and interesting.

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