Thoughts on WordPress, Social Media and Expectations

Due to the increased demand for non-typical web page layout and social media style function,  I find myself partnering more frequently with carefully selected Premium Theme & Plugin developers for my WordPress site projects.

Some of the coders I work with are quite gifted in their particular areas of expertise, such as the fine folks over at

WordPress’s core abilities have also gotten stronger in the last few years, and it’s now become one the most popular and easiest to use website tools in the world.

This increased function makes it possible for a website to change so that it behaves like an app on a smartphone or to tie in with the content on a users social media sites.

The feature that most impressed me when first working with WordPress was how quickly someone with limited technical skills learned how to add Posts to a site. Since that time, WordPress has become even better in this function, adding drag’n’drop capability for images and many other improvements.

I sometimes hear complaints about the ‘hypercommunicative’ aspects of online promotion, but when you look at social media, Facebook has been brilliant at getting folks to waste hours of their time watching their friends (and strangers) pearls of wisdom go by. What were folks doing with those hours before Facebook?

I believe the growth of smartphone usage is even more to blame for this state of affairs. People walking down the street with friends, talking on the phone. Now that’s just rude!

This situation has led to higher expectations for business websites. People who go through all the trouble to find you and your work want to know more about you and see what you are up to right now.

I’m a believer in business websites that mix commerce with personality content. That’s why I offer proxy posting services for our busy clients on their websites and social media.

It’s effective because that’s where the eyeballs are.

Success online depends on an ongoing commitment to updating on social media and also a main website. The reality is that busy small business owners find this hard to maintain except of infrequent periods of guilt or perhaps when there is a lack of any small business coming in!

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